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Personalized Treatment Plans for Your Unique Needs

Are you recovering from surgery, dealing with injuries, or managing chronic pain? At Cray Physical Therapy, our team of highly skilled and experienced physical therapists offers personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs and goals. They assess your condition and create customized treatment plans to facilitate your recovery, ensuring a tailored approach to rehabilitation.

Success Stories Speak for Themselves

Our success stories are a testament to our commitment to patients’ recovery and well-being. With customized treatment plans, we have helped numerous individuals achieve remarkable recoveries. One satisfied patient shared, “Mickey has been incredible in implementing a PT program for my recovery from knee replacement. His knowledge, experience, and encouragement have made all the difference.”

Practical Pain Management for Improved Function

Pain management is crucial in the recovery process. Our experienced physical therapists utilize proven techniques and modalities, such as manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and electrical stimulation, to effectively manage and reduce pain, promoting better patient function and mobility. One patient completed six weeks of physical therapy for a pinched nerve and no longer experiences any pain after working with Mickey Golden at Cray PT.

Enhanced Mobility and Quality of Life

Our physical therapists are dedicated to improving patient’s ability to move and enhancing their overall quality of life through targeted exercises and hands-on therapy. This approach leads to physical improvements and instills a sense of accomplishment and empowerment in our patients. A satisfied patient shared, “The entire process and experience at Cray PT has helped me to make a quick and amazing recovery in record time!”

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

In addition to treating current conditions, we are committed to identifying potential risk factors and providing comprehensive exercises and strategies to prevent injuries, especially for athletes and individuals with physically demanding jobs. This dedication to our patients’ well-being fosters a sense of security and trust in our expertise. “I highly recommend Cray PT. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Mickey Golden is the best regarding sports-related injuries,” shared a satisfied patient, highlighting our expertise in this area.

Post-operative rehabilitation for Regaining Strength and Function

Our physical therapists play a crucial role in assisting individuals to regain strength, mobility, and function after surgery. “I came back to Cray because I previously had a good experience there. This time, I was also very pleased with my experience. Lexi was great and got me where I needed to be after my knee surgery,” shared a satisfied patient.

Empowering Patients on Their Journey to Wellness

At Cray Physical Therapy, we are committed to treating and educating our patients about their conditions to empower them on their journey to wellness. “I had the privilege of working with Haleigh at the Braintree location. She was terrific at listening to all my concerns and was able to provide solutions to everything I’ve been struggling with in the last three years. She is very knowledgeable too! I left the office feeling great and better understood how my body works! I highly recommend Cray Physical Therapy,” shared a patient.

Your Path to Recovery and Wellness Starts Here

Whether recovering from surgery, dealing with an injury, or managing chronic pain, our physical therapy services are designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you on your path to recovery and wellness.