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Orthopedic physical therapy is an area of specialized practice that aims to enhance the functionality of your musculoskeletal system, which comprises vital components such as joints, muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments. In case you are struggling with any of the following injuries or conditions, it could be advantageous to consider seeking assistance from an orthopedic physical therapist:

If you’re feeling pain or inflammation in specific areas of your body, we are here to help you understand some common conditions that could be causing these symptoms.

1. If you’re dealing with arthritis, we want you to know that we understand how tough it can be. We’re here to support you through the pain and inflammation.
2. Neck and back pain can be debilitating, and we want to help you find relief. We want to help you address the discomfort and frustration caused by various factors.
3. If you’re injured at work, seeking medical attention may be necessary to address the resulting pain or disability.
4. Sports injuries or accidents can be brutal to cope with. We’re here to provide guidance and support for those experiencing pain and damage to muscles, joints, and bones.
5. Orthopedic surgery recovery can be challenging, but healing can be successful with proper care. We’d like to help you navigate this process and provide the necessary resources.
6. Knee conditions can cause pain and mobility difficulties. We want to help you manage your symptoms and find ways to cope with the frustration.
7. Foot and ankle conditions can cause pain and difficulty with walking. We’re here to help you find solutions to make walking and other activities more accessible and less painful.
8. Shoulder conditions can cause pain and difficulty with movement. We want to help you improve your mobility and reduce your pain.
9. Hip conditions can cause discomfort and mobility issues. We understand how tough it can be to cope with this, and we’re here to support you in finding ways to manage your symptoms.

Remember, seeking medical attention is essential to ensure proper treatment and care. We want to help you through this process and offer any guidance or resources you may need.

How will physical therapy help?
Physical therapy could be your solution if you struggle to perform daily activities due to an orthopedic injury or surgery. By working with a knowledgeable therapist, you’ll receive a customized plan designed specifically for your age and injury. This plan will include targeted exercises that enhance your strength and range of motion, ultimately allowing you to regain your normal mobility. Through consistent and focused effort, physical therapy can help you overcome pain and discomfort and return to living on your terms.

Our team of highly skilled physical therapists employs various specialized techniques tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Our range of effective treatments includes targeted strength training, therapeutic massage, carefully administered heat or ice therapy, customized exercise regimens, comprehensive patient education, and gentle joint mobilization. With our team’s extensive experience and dedication to delivering the highest level of care, you can trust us to help you achieve optimal physical health and well-being.

Prehabilitation before surgery.

Prehabilitation, also known as prehab, prepares the body for surgery through exercise, nutrition, and other interventions. Prehabilitation is increasingly recognized as an essential aspect of the overall surgical process, as it can help to improve outcomes and reduce the risk of complications.

One of the critical benefits of prehabilitation is that it can help improve a patient’s physical fitness and strength before surgery. This can make it easier for patients to tolerate the physical demands of surgery and help reduce the risk of complications such as infections or blood clots.

Prehabilitation can also help to reduce the length of hospital stays and the need for ongoing rehabilitation after surgery. By improving a patient’s physical fitness before surgery, they can return to their normal activities more quickly after surgery.

Overall, rehabilitation is an essential aspect of the surgical process that can help to improve outcomes and reduce the risk of complications. If you have an upcoming surgery, talk to your healthcare provider about whether prehabilitation may be right for you.

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