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“I had been in PT with another organization. Every time I left, I needed clarification. I was given a photocopy of the stretches and told to go home and do them. Mickey Golden was referred to me by my Personal Trainer. He has been a Godsend. He took the time to diagnose me and put a healing program together. I have been to PT in the past. I feel very fortunate to have met Mickey. He’s solid and knows what he’s doing.” – Chris.

“I just completed six weeks of pt for a pinched nerve with Micky Golden. I no longer have any pain. Before I went there I could barely sit. Mickey is knowledgeable and compassionate. He plays excellent music and sings!! I would highly recommend him and Cray PT.” – Ruth.

“Haleigh is the absolute best as a Physical Therapist! She is professional, knowledgeable, and cares about her clients’ success. I had a wonderful experience at Cray Physical Therapy.” cheers, George. 

“Extremely knowledgeable and professional staff. Lexie is very attentive, identifying the crux of my cervical neck pain along with providing the best treatment and care with excellent and positive outcomes. I highly recommend Lexi.” -Nicole.

“I have been treated for different ailments in the past few years. The therapists were always excellent. They are hands-on and personable. They don’t show you an exercise and leave and return in a while. My therapist is Cindy this time around. She knows her stuff, and I have no complaints. She answers all my questions in detail. I’m quite satisfied with my treatment.” -Charles.

“I saw Cindy for pelvic PT, and she was extremely understanding, took her time to listen and diagnose, and was very personable. I highly recommend Cray PT, especially Cindy, if you want pelvic PT.” -Victoria.

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