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Dry Needling Technique

What is Dry Needling?
Dry needling is a precise clinical method for treating muscular pain caused by myofascial trigger points. The technique involves inserting a thin, sterile needle, without medication or injection, into the painful areas of the muscle through the skin.

How Does Dry Needling Work?
Soft tissue dysfunctions can be caused by inflammation, irritated nerve tissue, scar tissue formation, tissue adhesion, or poor blood or lymphatic circulation. To alleviate this, a needle is inserted into the affected area, physically stretching the tissue to reduce tension and normalize inflammation. Preliminary research has also indicated that this can increase endorphin release, which can block pain signals from being sent to the brain.

Dry Needling Vs. Acupuncture
It’s important to understand that dry needling and acupuncture are separate practices. While acupuncture is rooted in ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy and involves 3-4 years of schooling to become a practitioner, dry needling is based on modern medical science. It focuses on human anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, kinesiology, biomechanics, and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Typically, a physical therapist, chiropractor, or physician who has undergone the necessary training will perform dry needling.

Does it hurt?
A filament needle is extremely thin, solid, and flexible, allowing the needle to push through the skin rather than cut the skin. Sometimes, the needle may cause a normal local twitch response and be felt only momentarily. Many patients describe the twitch as a slight shock, cramp, or ache felt in the tissue. These responses are normal and often desirable depending on the tissue.


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