Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre Surgical Rehabilitation

Defined as physical and/or lifestyle preparation designed to improve recovery time following surgery. Undergoing a surgical procedure can be an extremely scary process.  In some cases you may be facing not only the uncertainty of making a full recovery, but also the financial impact of having to miss time from work after the procedure Numerous studies have been conducted that show that performing “pre-rehab” can not only lead to an improved functional outcome but also reduce the financial costs to patients.

Help to strengthen the ligaments, muscles and soft tissues surrounding and restore range of motion.

Prepare you for what to expect

Minimize Recovery Time

Our goals for creating a pre-habilitation program for you are:

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH),

“By improving an individual’s functional capacity through increased physical activity before an anticipated orthopedic procedure, it seems reasonable to assume that the individual will maintain a higher level of functional ability and rebound more rapidly in the rehabilitation process. Prehabilitation is the process of enhancing functional capacity of the individual to enable him or her to withstand the stressor of inactivity associated with an orthopedic procedure. A generic Prehabilitation program incorporates the components of warm-up, a cardiovascular component, resistance training, flexibility training, and practicing functional tasks.”

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

The main goal of post surgical rehabilitation is to help you return to as close to your prior level of activity as possible and assist with pain management. Getting you back to where you can reach your range of motion and strength is our goal for you. Our sessions are always on a one-to-one basis and during your initial evaluation your therapist and you will discuss your goals for recovery and develop a plan to meet those goals.  We maintain regular communication with your surgeon during your post surgical rehab so that your progress meets their standards.

One of the key factors in reaching a full recovery post surgery is a patient’s participation in their own rehab.  We will ask you to perform certain exercises/stretches at home as an adjunct to your appointments with us which will ultimately help speed up your rehabilitation time and help you return to your prior activities faster and safer.  

Dealing with pain now?

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