Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre Surgical Rehabilitation

Undergoing a surgical procedure can be an extremely scary process.  In some cases you may be facing not only the uncertainty of making a full recovery, but also the financial impact of having to miss time from work.  Numerous studies have been conducted that show that performing “pre-rehab” can not only lead to an improved functional outcome but also reduce the financial costs to patients and the entire health care system.  

We believe strongly in not only helping patients recover from their injuries and return to the activities they love to do, but also being a lifelong resource to our patients  in providing education and advice.  If you or a loved one is contemplating or has been scheduled to have an orthopedic surgery, Cray Physical Therapy would be happy to guide them through the entire rehabilitation process and ensure an optimal recovery.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

The main goal of post surgical rehabilitation is to help patients return to as close to their prior level of activity as possible.  Our sessions are always on a one-to-one basis and during your initial evaluation your therapist and you will discuss your goals for recovery and develop a plan to meet those goals.  We maintain regular communication with your surgeon so that your progress meets their standards.

One of the key factors in reaching a full recovery post surgery is a patient’s participation in their own rehab.  We will ask you to perform certain exercises/stretches at home as an adjunct to your appointments with us which will ultimately help speed up your rehabilitation time and help you return to your prior activities faster and safer.   

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