Sports Training and Conditioning

When injury prevents an athlete from participating in sports or a recreational activity due to injury, it can be life changing. At Cray Physical Therapy, we offer sports training and conditioning programs.  Implementing resistance training using resistance bands that can help return an athlete to the game and even take their performance to a higher level.  Our therapists have extensive knowledge of human movement and biomechanics as well as a background in sports and athletics. This knowledge helps patients not only recover faster but to return to their sports stronger and properly educated.

Our staff comprises of certified strength and conditioning specialists, athletic trainers as well as former college level athletes.  We understand the desire of our patients to return to sports as quickly as possible and we use our experience and expertise to help them reach their goals!

How will physical therapy help?

After the initial evaluation, an experienced physical therapist will create a plan based on the patients age and injury. Exercises will be given that will improve both range of motion and strength therefore restoring normal functional mobility.

Your day starts today! Get back in motion by seeking physical therapy at Cray Physical Therapy. A place where we believe in exceptional patient care and quality customer service.

Dealing with pain now?

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