Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint/complex is very complex and a common source of pain for many people.  It is made up of 4 different joints that move through a large degree of motion while also attempting to maintain support and strength.  There are many reasons why the shoulder becomes injured, but most commonly because of poor posture, weakness of the muscles around the shoulder (rotator cuff), or excessive wear and tear.

Due to the complex nature of the shoulder joint, it is important that any injury be evaluated by a physical therapist with an extensive knowledge and understanding of this area.  All of our patient evaluations at Cray Physical Therapy are for 1 hour and are completed by a licensed therapist.  Every evaluation involves a comprehensive review of the patient’s history, as well as a broad examination of not only the shoulder joint but also other areas that may be contributing to your pain/injury, including the neck (cervical) and upper back (thoracic) regions.

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