Pediatric Physical Therapy

Our Pediatric Physical Therapy program includes evaluation and treatment of both children and young adults. According to Nationwide Children, “Youth athletes often begin competitive sports as early as age seven.  Some youth as early as age four, if not sooner. There is an estimated 25 million scholastic and another 20 million organized community-based youth programs in the United States. The opportunity for injury is enormous. This is why sports injuries are the second leading cause of emergency room visits for children and adolescents. It is the second leading cause of injuries in school. “

Our therapists will help the patient recover from injury and analyze the risk factors for further injuries. Risk factors such as over exposure to a particular sport or activity.  

How will physical therapy help?

After the initial evaluation, an experienced physical therapist will create a plan based on the patients age and injury. Exercises will be given that will improve both range of motion and strength therefore restoring normal functional mobility.

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