Lower Back Pain Affects Your Daily Life

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Episodes of lower back pain can greatly affect your daily life routine with even the simplest of tasks.  You’re not alone.  Almost everyone experiences back pain (approximately 80% of adults) at some point during their lives.   Back pain symptoms vary for every person depending on the cause.  Symptoms can be dull or sharp and the pain may get worse with standing or sitting. Your physical therapist can asses the best exercises that are safe to treat you.  Movement and exercise are important to continue.


Is My Back Pain Serious?

There are many studies with patients and their back pain. Learning more about the seriousness of each patient is important to everyone in the medical field and the patient. In a recent study of 1,200 patients with acute back pain, less than 1 percent of the patients are serious.  Case including a fracture, infection, cancer, or multiple nerve root compressions.  We see routinely that patients with back pain get better.  The overwhelming majority of new exacerbations of low back pain improve or resolve within 6 weeks following its onset. It is also imporant to remember that “Hurt” does not always mean “Harm”.  A higher pain intensity does not mean that your back pain is a worse injury.


How Do I Fix My Back Pain?

Our first instinct with back pain is to lay down, sit and rest. That is what you need to not do. Avoid bed rest and try to keep doing your daily activities to the best of your ability. Focus on what you can still do versus what you can not.  Movement is the best remedy for low back pain.  Continued exercise may have a preventive effect in terms of the frequency of back pain, so we have included some of our go to movements for patients with acute low back pain.

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1. Cat/Camels (think of lengthening your spine as you round and shortening your spine as you arch, as demonstrated by Miles)
2. Open Books
3. Press-ups to elbows (easier)
4. Press-ups to hands (harder)
5. Bridges
6. Squats front view (can sit down to chair at the bottom of motion if needed)
7. Squats side view
These exercises are geared towards helping us continue move instead of stopping all movement (which is typically our first instinct when in pain). Try 2 sets of 10 repetitions, to the best of your ability, to start.

Our Braintree and Norwell locations are currently still open as we continue to safely practice, keeping both our patients and staff protected.  We will work with you to discuss your options and provide you with the best exercises that can alleviate back pain. Our physical therapists can customize treatment plans to get you back to doing what you love most. Call us today.

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